Reasons To Use Bearing Lubrication

Bearings might be an engineering marvel, rarely failing and operating quietly and efficiently 24/7 in some of the most demanding environments, but they still need regular maintenance.

This statement applies to all types of bearings, from ball, through to spherical, precision and linear.

But what sort of maintenance is required, and why is it so important?

Whilst bearings might be considered the proverbial ‘small cog in a big wheel’, in terms of size… a bearing failure can have a catastrophic impact.

Aside from the expected production downtime, a major bearing failure can result in total machine failure due to the disintegration of the bearing itself.

Bearing reliability and its longevity is dependent upon the correct use of greases, oils and lubricants.

Greases, oils and lubricants are all used in different applications

Oil lubrication can be petroleum or synthetic based. Grease is basically an oil base with added thickener. Solid lubrication is a non-fluid base applied on the bearing surface to prevent damage.

Selecting the right lubricant for the application, applying the correct amount, and keeping it in a clear condition is very important as it will impact the operating speed and performance of the bearing.

Applying lubricants to bearings has multiple benefits; reducing surface friction and wear, whilst preventing oxidation and acting as a heat transfer agent.

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