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The Perfect Pint Challenge!

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Thinking of competing in the Perfect Pint Challenge? Here’s everything you need to know about how you can win £100 cash for your team.

The Perfect Pint Project:

The premise of our project is to see if we can build a robot with Leeds University that can pull the perfect pint. We will then pit our robot against an industry professional at Saltaire brewery to see whose pint is the best, man or machine?

The competition:

This is chance for you and your team to have a bit of fun and get creative pulling a pint. Send us a short video (no more than one minute long) of your perfect pint pulling skills. We already know the robot pulls the perfect pint, so this is a chance to prove that humans are better, and can do it with a bit of style!

What makes a perfect pint?

Using a pint glass, pull the ale through. We’re looking for minimum wastage, no spills, and a head of 1.5cm.

No real customers needed.

1.5cm head can be estimated.

For inspiration see Ewen Gordon (Saltaire Brewery’s Managing Director) pulling the perfect pint blindfolded. One take, no practices. You’d be silly not to give it a go, because we’re sure someone can do better than that!

Enter as an individual or as team, go head to head or collaborate, and let’s see how creative you can get.

Perfect Pint Image

The Prize:

The winner will be awarded with £100.00, along with an invitation to join us on competition day, where the Robot will go up against our Bartender. You could even get a chance to go up against the robot yourself.

The event will be judged by a panel of local celebrities and familiar faces, who won’t know which competitor pulled which pint. The three rounds will include wastage, speed, and of course the perfect head. This will take place in The Brewery Tap on 15 th June 2017. All entries should be in by 7th June 2017 to be counted.

To enter simply upload your video to social media and tag us @ThePintProject_ and use the hashtag #PerfectPintChallenge so we can see it. You could even nominate a Pub you know to get involved!

For a chance to win an invite to this exciting event and £100 cash send your video in now!

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