Qualified To Declare Dangerous Goods

Quality Bearings Online are proud to announce that we are now QUALIFIED to ship, pack, and create paperwork for dangerous goods within our distribution hub! On our website there are around 100 products that are classed as dangerous goods for air freight. Previously, we used freight forwarders to ship these goods on our behalf which incurred extra charges to our customers and took additional time to ship. Now, products and items deemed as “Dangerous Goods” can now be dealt with at our distribution hub! Doing so will reduce costs and large fees to our customers whilst cutting out on any delays when shipping the goods world-wide. Here at QBOL, we wanted to abide by our cultures and values continuing to deliver Excellence to our customers. Now that we can handle these shipments ourselves, we can now ship these products worldwide just like the rest of our products, expanding our service to our customers globally.

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are any items or substances that could pose a risk to health, safety, property or environment if not handled or packed properly. They are broken down into 9 classes, from flammable gas to corrosives; this affects how you must pack and transport them. These items can only be shipped in small quantities however, they must be specially packed and sent with relevant paperwork in order to be shipped abroad by someone certified to do so. Quality Bearings Online are now responsible for packaging and marking on any dangerous goods we transport.

Course & Training

Recently, members of our team have completed a course and training for Dangerous Goods by Air and Road. Our team are qualified to declare dangerous goods that are shipped overseas. We are now fully equipped with knowledge on the classifications of dangerous goods and the descriptions of them. Our members have a thorough understanding of the nature of dangerous goods and how they are identified under the United Nations (UN) system. They understand how packaging is chosen for a material using UN specification packaging in almost every case, and how the packages are marked and labelled - crucial when declaring dangerous good for shipment overseas. Additionally, consignment’s must be accompanied by a Shippers Declaration, which describes the dangerous goods and certifies that they have been prepared in accordance with the IATA Regulations.

To view a copy of our certifications please Contact Us.

If you have any questions regarding shipments made overseas, of items deemed as “Dangerous Goods” please don't hesitate to Contact Us.