Precision Angular Contacts Bearings

In applications that require high accuracy bearings to run at high speeds with high rigidity, you will often find a Precision Angular Contact Bearing. These bearings (sometimes known as Spindle Bearings) are some of the most highly engineered bearings on the market at the moment, and are designed specifically for higher speeds and loads, and reduced heat generation and noise. This makes them ideal for use in applications such as gearboxes, pumps, electric motors, and clutches.

Industries that use and benefit from Precision Angular Contacts include Machine Tool, Steel and Rolling Mills, Wind Energy, Woodworking, Marine Vessels, and Automotive Racing.

Bearing Design

Like most, these bearings are made up of an inner and outer race, a rolling element (in this case, balls) and a cage. Where they differ from other precision ball bearings is in the fact that they have only one complete ring shoulder. The other ring shoulder is either partially or completely removed. This allows for more space to accommodate larger balls, thus offering a greater load capacity and speed capability.

Precision angular contact bearings have extremely tight tolerances that allow them to be fit in specific arrangements, though they are usually fitted in pairs, either face to face, back to back, or in tandem. When they are fitted face to face or back to back, they are able to support load from both directions. Some bearings are made to be fit a certain way, while others are referred to as ‘Universal’ and have the ability to be fit in any arrangement you require.

These bearings are available with different contact angles (most commonly 15 and 25 degrees) and in varying preloads, from extra light to heavy. The Precision element comes from the P rating which tells you exactly how precise the bearings measurements/tolerances are.

Sealed Precision Angular Contacts

For environments with high levels, or risk of, contamination, a sealed bearing is ideal. SKF and FAG both make Precision Angular Contact bearings with integral seals which are fitted on both sides of the bearing. These seals are non-contacting, so the bearings speed capability isn’t compromised. Apart from protection against contamination, some of the advantages of using a sealed bearing include the potential for longer bearing service life, reduced maintenance, and therefore reduced inventory.

At Quality Bearings Online, we are now introducing hundreds of Sealed SKF and FAG Precision Angular Contact Bearings to our website and product offering starting in September 2021. We are always eager to expand our range, but especially into such a sought after and important item.

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