Lubrication of Bearings in The Food Industry

Bearings utilised in the food and beverages industry must comply with several regulations as the contamination of bearing greases and lubrication could end up in the food on the production line. How is this possible? Food production has become more heavily reliant on automated machinery which leads to another source of potential contaminants like leaking lubricants.

Bearing manufacturers go to great lengths to manufacture bearings that are food graded, correspond to strict governmental regulations and vigorous routine inspections. Bearings that are manufactured for the food industry need to be able to withstand rugged environments and extreme machinery operations. During when the machinery is operating, bearings need to be able to endure extremely high or low temperatures whilst during the washdown of machinery, they need to endure high-pressure water.

In bearings, greases used in food processing machinery should be food-graded lubricants, certified for food production. Depending on what is being produced on the food production line, it is important that bearings used are sealed bearings to prevent lubrication leaking onto the production line.

Bearings with high relevant design attributes like rust proof materials, sealed construction and lifelong lubricants are in demand to be made compatible with food things. The bearing must be reliable to operate, preventing any food contamination.

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