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CRWG Series

Superior Load Balance

This unit has a roller cage with cylindrical rollers alternately orthogonalized between two ways whose two V-shaped surfaces are used as track groove, which allows receiving of loads in any direction.

Standard Type and Module Type

There are two types in the CRW: one is standard type of using four ways and two roller cages in combination as a set and the other is module type of integrating two internal ways in a single structure.

Solves Cage Creep Problems

CRWG and CRWG-H units, which have originally-designed rack and pinion mechanism built in, solve the cage creep issue and support high-speed & high tact operation and vertical axis application.

Easy Mounting

The mounting holes of the way are provided with boring and female thread, so that the mounting structure is not restricted. The module type with wo internal ways integrated in a single structure is simple in mounting structure, thus producing high accuracy linear motion.

High Load Capacity type CRWG-H

CRWG-H has achieved greatly increased load rating by redesigning of raceway of CRWG, thereby downsizing the machine and equipment and prolonging their lifetime.

Stainless Steels Superior in Corrosion Resistance are Listed on Lineup

Products made of stainless steel are highly resistance to corrosion, so that they are suitable for applications where rust prevention oil is not preferred, such as in a cleanroom environment..


Example of an identification number

SpecificationModelSizeWay Length
Anti Creep Cage Crossed Roller CRWG 3 150


Click the link below to view the slide unit specifications, or click the Product Catalogue link to view the complete catalogue for the CRWG series anti creep cage crossed roller way unit.

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