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The Roadmap Out of National Lockdown

To All Our Valued Customers & Partners,

This week, we are taking our first steps on the 'roadmap' out of the UK National Lockdown. Our team here at Quality Bearings Online want to make sure that all of your business needs are still being met.

Positive changes are happening and lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease. Businesses around the world are planning and preparing themselves to operate again. We're here to help you begin as we keep the world turning with the goods we supply.

With this in mind, we hope we are still catering to your needs, supplying you the goods your business needs.  Please contact us and let us know if we're not catering to your needs as we'd like the opportunity to set that right for you and your business. We're here to help you prepare for operating again, let's keep the world turning together.  Additionally, please add any other questions that you may have related to our products and services.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you

- Team Quality Bearings Online

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Since January, things have been progressing within the UK. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families that have lost loved ones due to COVID-19.

Vaccinations were being rolled out to the public following a strict priority list. Currently, just over 14.5 million people have been vaccinated which seems hopeful for businesses within the UK to start opening and running again. With this is mind, Quality Bearings Online has been open and operating with our full workforce as of July 2020. We would like to reassure you that we are keeping our staff safe within our working environment and our services to you will not be disrupted because of COVID-19. 

If there are any further updates, we will notify you via this blog or our emails. To further confirm, we are still shipping our goods world wide to customers overseas. We are Open As Usual for business. 

Thank You,

Team Quality Bearings Online


Due to the recent announcement made from the UK Government, the UK has now been put into another national lockdown. We have opened this COVID-19 Blog again to keep our customers and partners updated with any latest changes or movements within our business.

We would like to confirm that our Business is OPEN AS USUAL and our Distribution Hub is operating as normal. Members of our warehouse staff are fully equipt in PPE when packing your parcels and some members of our team are working from home. Essential keyworkers are working inhouse and they are kept safe with the COVID safety measures we have implemented in our brand-new office. It is important to us to keep members of our team and their family safe.

Service to our customers and partners are not compromised. We are still striving to deliver you excellent service, ensuring that your parcels are delivered to you on time. There are currently no delays in shipping your parcels, we work very closely with our partners and will notify you of any changes.

Please make sure you check this blog often to stay up to date with our latest COVID updates and make sure there are no disruptions in our services to you. Additionally, if you would like to be notified by email, you can subscribe to our email listing. To subscribe to our emails, click here.

We hope you and your team stay safe during these times. We can only hope that with the vaccines rolling out – this will all be over soon. Stay strong!

Thank You,

Team Quality Bearings Online


As the restrictions to COVID-19 start to ease slowly and our staff are adapting to the “New Normal” ways of work, we are still aware that Coronavirus is still undeniably present around us and the world. We are well aware that a second wave of the virus is still possible even though the risks of COVID-19 have continued to reduce. With this in mind, there has not been many changes in the landscape for us to keep regularly updating you with, therefore we have decided to close this Blog on COVID-19 updates. The blog will remain here however, we will not be updating as regularly as we have done in the last 4 months. Instead any major announcements will be made directly to customers via our emails, to make sure you receive these updates please Subscribe to our emailing list  here, or by clicking the Gold  Subscribe Now below.

By subscribing you are accepting to receive our emails on the Latest Company News & Updates, New Products & Brands, Special Offers & Promotions and Industry News & Blogs. You have the option to choose what you want to receive by letting us know your preferences later on. Additionally, please remember you are able to opt-out of receiving these emails at anytime by unsubscribing to our emails through the footer of our emails.

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This is a message for our valued customers in the US and Canada.

Over the last 10 days we have experienced a few logistics problems on deliveries to the USA and Canada.

DHL are working hard to make sure all our shipments are arriving within our promised timescales however, with the COVID-19 Virus strengthening in some US states, DHL have had to make some changes under these difficult circumstances that have affected delivery estimated arrival times when tracking your parcels.

With this is mind, we would like to give you some delivery stats of own to reassure you that although difficulties have occurred with our courier, the majority of our deliveries are continuing to hit our promised 2-4 days shipping times.

Additionally, over the past 14 working days:

  • 60% of shipments have arrived within 2 working days (17% of which have arrived the next working day)
  • 24% have arrived on the third day
  • 6% have arrived on the fourth day
  • the remaining 10% have arrived on the fifth day

Along with DHL we are currently striving to improve these figures but are very proud to be maintaining our levels of service to you.

If you have any questions or problems with your delivery, we would be very pleased to hear from you to help address any issues you may have had.

Thank You,

Stacey Richley

Operations Manager


As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and businesses are starting to adapt new safety measures in their workplace, we are all trying to adapt and adjust our ways to the “New Normal”. Here at Quality Bearings Online, our distribution centre and offices have adapted new safety measures to keep our team safe and protected. Having adjusted to the new normal for a couple of weeks now, we would like to remind our customers that our business is open and operating as usual. Our sales team are now back in office working together to deliver you the best service you need. Additionally, we are working hard to source the goods you want and to get them delivered to you on time.

We would like to inform you about the following updates on our deliveries, tax and duties below.

As we continue to work closely with our logistics partners, we will now be offering the following delivery and shipping services:

  • For Express Delivery it will take 1-3 Days
  • For Economy Delivery it will take 3-5 Days

We provide our goods and services to our customers worldwide and we would like to confirm that ALL Tax & Duties on goods to customers in the US and Canada are now all paid for.

If these are subject to change, we will inform you via updating this blog or by email, therefore please remember to subscribe to our emails here.

Thank You,

Team Quality Bearings Online


The 1 st of June will signal the New ‘Normal’ for QBOL.

We have spent time preparing our Offices and Distribution Hub to become a “Covid” secure place, with new ways of working for all departments. Our members of staff and their family’s safety are still our main priority therefore with the new measures put into place our team can feel safe when coming to and from work.

We are extremely proud of the way our team has acted during this time, showing great patience with new working practices whilst still striving to achieve results during the most difficult trading period in our 8 years of history. Additionally, our team have shown a great civic duty, respecting lockdown rules and abiding by the recommendations made not just by UK Government but also our very own “Covid” Management Team.

As the world starts on the road to recovery and alongside rules and regulations set out by the Government, we would like to mention some of the major changes we have made:

  • Our offices now conform to the UK Government recommended guidelines with all staff working at a 2 Metre Distance
  • All workstations are for one individual use only
  • Our meeting rooms have better ventilation and are kept to a maximum amount of personal (dependant on room size)
  • No meetings can last longer than 15 minutes

The Warehouse is fully Digitalized, the Warehouse team and office team do not interact. Social distancing in this area is critical with clearly marked zones for one personal to operate safely in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided as this must always be worn.

Lastly, we have adopted a new one way system in and out of all offices and in the warehouse which means we can maintain social distancing as much as is possible.

Thank You,

Team Quality Bearings Online


To all our Stakeholders,

As the UK lockdown is now being gently released, we would like to bring you up to date with our recent progress and our plans for getting back to the new normality.

Firstly, Thank You to all our customers and other stakeholders. Your support throughout this strange and difficult time has been massively appreciated by everybody within the QBOL Group. With your support we have been able to operate, although a little restricted at times to the same service levels as we usually provide.

During the lockdown we have had a skeleton crew in our Distribution hub, over half our team working from home and unfortunately some members were furloughed through the UK Government Job retention scheme.

Throughout this period we had Three Main Goals:

  • The health and wellbeing of every member of the QBOL team , their families and loved ones
  • To maintain to the very best of our ability our service levels and commitment to all our stakeholders
  • To keep QBOL the business, in the best possible shape for when the Global Economies started to recover

As we now start to come out of the UK Lockdown we feel that QBOL has managed to achieve all three of these Goals but in no way do we feel its job done. We have to continue on our planned pathway and keep these all in mind as the economies recover and business again starts to grow.

To achieve this we are setting Three New Goals:

  • Making the Working environment within QBOL as COVID Safe as possible for our Team
  • Maintain and Develop systems that will allow us to be even more efficient in delivering our services while protecting our Team
  • Get the Full QBOL team all back and operating from the main Distribution hub by the 6 th of July

We will continue to update you all within the next few days with our plans in a more detailed manor but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with any member of our team.

Thank You,

Quality Bearings Online Team


Dear Valued Customers, 

This is a reminder that we are open and operating as usual. On a daily basis, our team continues to work hard to process your orders and provide great customer service. We still continue to ship large quantities of parcels out to our customers world wide. Lately, our updates have been less frequent as there has not been any major changes to the way our business is currently operating. Additionally, we would like to let you know that our management team have been busy putting together a road map to recovery. This road map will outline our next steps and preparation for coming out of this pandemic with the safety of our team and the service and support to our customers and partners at mind. We look forward to keeping you updated with this in the next following weeks. 

Thank You for staying with us, we hope you and your team are keeping well and are all safe and sound.


Thank You for all your continuous support to our business during these difficult times. We would like to personally Thank our team at QBOL for their hard work and efforts in keeping our business and services running smoothly without any disruptions. We are proud to have you all as part of our QBOL Team! 

Business at Quality Bearings Online is open as usual for all our customers and partners, it has been since the start of the pandemic and despite all that is happening around us, we wanted to share our positive achievements so far this month. Our team achieved a new record number of 48 parcels sent out in one day this month even though we did not have a full workforce working within our distribution centre. Amazing work team! This truly showcased our teams dedication to the service they want to maintain for our customers during this difficult time. Furthermore, we understand that it must be hard working from home for our team, but we applaud you for your continuous efforts to keep the communication between us constant and for turning up to our Virtual Drinks held every Friday! With this, we wish everyone a great weekend, stay home and stay safe.

Team Quality Bearings Online  


We hope you’ve had a great Easter break staying safe with your loved ones. Our team at Quality Bearings Online are back up and running after the short break. All our phone lines are open, and our sales team are here ready to assist you whilst working fully equipped at home.

Our management team are still having daily COVID-19 meetings to regularly assess the landscape and our internal working practices to ensure that we deliver what you need through our products and services.

This is just a reminder to let you know we are still open for business as usual and have been operating as normal for the last few weeks. The only changes we have had to make are to our delivery times where we no longer offer the 1-2 workings days delivery service. This has now been altered to 2-4 working days to ensure we can still deliver on our promises to you. 

For more information on our delivery times, please check out our delivery times on our website here.


This Is A Message From Our Directors.

To all our Stakeholders,

The last few weeks have been difficult for everybody, whether it is the Frontline Key workers in the NHS or the Essential Services that lay beneath the surface; the food retailers and all their staff, the lorry drivers, the pharmaceutical companies and all the research and development companies that are currently working to secure lifesaving equipment and ultimately, a cure for this disease. These are just a few of the industries and sectors that deserve our upmost praise in their dedication and continuity to operate under the enormous pressure that suddenly surround us.

At QBOL we continue to offer our support. We are still operating at full capacity, over 85% of our work force are working from home, operating under the UK Government guidelines and this has caused little or no interference to our service levels. Our UK Distribution Hub continues to operate with skeleton staff who are working tirelessly to continue to keep your essential supply chain running smoothly.

As the COV-19 situations continues to develop, we will keep evaluating our procedures. Our staff welfare comes 1 st and foremost and we cannot Thank them enough for their professionalism and dedication to this ongoing battle and we will continue to make sure our customers have what they need, when they need it.

Here are a selection of the sectors we have supplied over the last week alone with essential parts:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • HealthCare
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Energy

In a time where we all have to pull together not just in the UK but Globally we will continue to offer you the QBOL level of service you are used to and will help you through these tough times. Together we can ‘ Keep the World Turning’.

We hope that that you and your loved ones Stay Safe.

Best Regards,

Denny Maude and Simon Riley

Directors and Founders of Quality Bearings Online


This Is An Important Notice To All Our Customers and Partners.

Our delivery service provider DHL has announced that there will be an Emergency Situation Surcharge on Time Definite International (TDI) shipments. We have been told that this surcharge will apply to TDI Shipments as of the 1st April until further notice. This surcharge is to help them cover part of their operating costs during the time of this emergency situation (COVID-19).

We want to be responsible for our customers and to continue to deliver excellence to you through our delivery services. We understand you all have businesses to operate and uphold during these difficult times, therefore we have decided to take it upon us to cover this surcharge for you up until the beginning of May in order to give you enough time to prepare anything if this was to impact you and your business in any way.

What does this mean?

  • In the month of April you will not be paying the Emergency Situation Surcharge.
  • We will fully cover the surcharge for you on your deliveries until the end of April.
  • You will only continue to pay our Normal Delivery and Shipping fees found on our website here.
  • To find out more on DHL’s Emergency Situation Surcharge and how much it costs, visit their website here.

Please remember that this surcharge is only temporary until we get further notice. If you have any enquires, do not hesitate to get in contact.


We are constantly evaluating our practices and operations. Currently, there is not any major changes in the COVID-19 landscape for us to make any further alterations to our team’s way of working or to any measures we have put into place. However, we would like to inform and update our customers and trusted partners of the following delivery statuses:

  • Deliveries to the UK, US and Canada are as normal with no delays
  • Deliveries to Ireland are as normal with no delays
  • Deliveries to Australia may encounter slight delays
  • Deliveries to the EU, especially to France, Italy and Spain will encounter delays

As far as we are aware, deliveries to the rest of world has no immediate issues and should not encounter any delays. However, we will update you immediately if this information changes via this blog.


We would like to applaud, show our greatest love and support to those fighting on the frontline for us, Thank You your hard working is not going unnoticed. Our business has decided to remain open and operate as usual in order to keep the supply chain running. We are doing our part to ensure that we can still supply and provide the essential components for our key industry sectors:

  • Medical
  • Manufacturing & Processing Food
  • Research & Development
  • Critical Manufacturing 
  • Green Energy 

We are constantly evaluating our practices and operations as the COVID-19 situation evolves. We plan on keeping all our valued customers and partners updated every time a decision is made in order to minimalize any disruption this may have to our services and your business.

Please continue to check this blog for the latest updates on COVID-19.

Thank You


Thank you to all our customers and partners for your continuous support and loyalty. We are continuing to keep our business open as usual to help keep the supply chain moving. Our distribution hub is located in the UK and due to the UK Government recently announcing lockdown, this may have a slight impact on our delivery times. Please be assured that this is the only temporary and the rest of our business is operating as usual without any disruptions.

As our valued customers and partners, we would like to inform you of the following:

Our 1-3 Days Delivery Services will now be 2-4 Days

Our 2-4 Days Delivery Services will now be 3-5 Days

To find out more, please visit our Delivery Information Page here


In these difficult times we are trying to keep up to date with the fast-moving government guidance to keep our team, customers and partners safe with minimal disruption to our services. With this in mind, we would like to update you with the following:

  • Our business is open as usual whilst we are trying to minimalize the impact of COVID-19. We can confirm that our team at Quality Bearings Online are abiding by government guidance to stay away from public gatherings for the safety of each other and our families. 
  • We keep in contact with our main logistic providers daily to maintain our supply chain and to continue to meet our customers expectations. We can confirm and reassure our customers worldwide that our couriers are operating as normal and there are no disruptions however, we will continue to monitor this and keep you updated.
  • We have already introduced and implemented split working teams and self-isolation under Government Guidelines, this is now part of our company policy for every individual. 
  • We are keeping our team and your goods protected. Our warehouse team wear protected gloves and masks to pack your items, this is to help ensure that all precautions have been taken to make sure that all deliveries to you are 100% safe - this is our QBOL Guarantee to you.
  • Members of our team are now working remotely from home and are still available for contact if necessary, ensuring that our business still operates smoothly. All members are fully equipped with everything they require to be able to offer the same level of service you have always received. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the procedures we have put into place for our team and customers, please feel free to contact us today.

We will continue to keep you updated, Thank You. 

Team Quality Bearings Online


All members of staff issued a Self-Isolation Guidance document, with quarantine rules for time off and return to work strategy


Guidance amongst the government is continuously changing, there is a lot of uncertainty over COVID-19 landscape. In order to prepare ourselves efficiently and to be proactive about the matter the following has been decided:

  • Directors and Managers are to have a meeting every morning to discuss recent updates the government has issued and plan the future ahead


  • Split Shifts between Teams 1 & Teams 2 Begin
  • Staff Whatsapp group have been created for regular updates regarding our staff’s health, government updates and working shifts.


Our Directors and Management team sit and discuss what actions to take to help minimize contact between our team for the healthy and safety of our staff:

  • Each operating unit group (Ops/Sales/IT & Marketing) to be further split into two groups, working split shifts through the week commencing 16/03
  • Named Teams 1 and Teams 2 - whilst one team is in office the other will work from home
  • Team 1 to work Mon to Wed morning, clean down office for Team 2 to enter and work Wed afternoon to Friday afternoon. Team 2 must clean down the office ready for Team 1 the following Monday.
  • Headsets, Phones, laptops distributed to staff for split shift working


The following measures were implemented from our Directors and Management:

  • All current internal meetings planned are to be cancelled
  • All staff calendars are to be cleared until the end of the month, with a view to extend if necessary
  • Any vital internal meetings will be limited to 15 Minutes Only, with no more than 4 people in a meeting room at one time
  • No desk sharing


Following on from our Directors and Management team COVID-19 discussion the follow was actioned:

  • Staff are told to Stay At Home if they experience any flu like symptoms but must keep in regular contact with line manager or directors
  • Creation of a “working from home” plan for members of staff who can work from home
  • Allocated items needed for staff to work from home - laptops/phones
  • 10/03/20
  • Our Directors and Management team have sat down and decided to action the following in preparation of COVID-19:
  • All future external visits to be cancelled
  • All visitors planning to visit our site to be cancelled
  • Stop all physical contact between members of staff, meaning no handshakes/high fives
  • No sharing food
  • No new appointments or events to be arranged
  • Desks, Phones, Keyboards and Mouse to be wiped down at the end of each working day
  • Company to be split into 3 operating units (Ops/Sales/IT & Marketing)


Our Directors and Management team have sat down and decided to action the following in preparation of COVID-19:

  • All future external visits to be cancelled
  • All visitors planning to visit our site to be cancelled
  • Stop all physical contact between members of staff, meaning no handshakes/high fives
  • No sharing food
  • No new appointments or events to be arranged
  • Desks, Phones, Keyboards and Mouse to be wiped down at the end of each working day
  • Company to be split into 3 operating units (Ops/Sales/IT & Marketing)